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A little bit of history about me and the business.

Working with my father on his Series 1 Land Rover as a child developed my interest in vehicles.

I started my working life as an apprentice at a SAAB garage and met Ged who was a technician. Ged was also mad for cars and in particular off road vehicles. Over the next couple of years me and Ged took my fathers LR and his VW beetle green laning and to various off road play days.

Then we bought a Steyr Puch Haflinger between us and went to a club event where we were shown just how extreme offroading could be. We were hooked.

Smithie Garage was established by myself in 1997 as a general repair garage for all makes of vehicle. Over the years I built the business based on customer service and quality workmanship.

Over the years both me and Ged have owed various 4 wheel drive vehicles including Land Rover Series, Range Rover, Discovery, Fiat Panda, Haflinger, Pinzgauer, G Wagen and Land Cruiser Colorado. All have been great for learning about 4×4 vehicles and what you can do with them. We have accumulated thousands of miles of off road driving and skills.

I decided that Smithie Garage needed to move to the next level. This would involve putting all my knowledge and passion for 4×4’s to use and setting up Boghopper 4WD Vehicle Preparation…


Boghopper was set up to offer a one stop shop for owners of Steyr Puch Haflingers and Pinzgauers and Toyota Landcruiser Colorado.

We have first hand knowledge of these vehicles through ownership and extensive use off road (and on). The Colorado in particular is a excellent all round expedition vehicle. The Haflinger and Pinzgauer are truly amazing off road.

Anything from an oil change to a full overland preparation is available and we work with you to ensure we meet your requirements.

Land Rovers? The market for Land Rovers is very well catered for already, however if you have a Defender, Discovery 1 or classic Range Rover we can prepare it to your needs and requirements. (In our opinion the newer vehicles are fitted with far too much electronics)

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Peter Bootland


Over 25 years experience


Ged McPhillips


Over 25 years experience

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